About Camber

Camber is now part of the Integrated Mission Solutions Group of HII’s Technical Solutions Division.

Our Company

Camber Corporation is a United States corporation with headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. The Sensor Systems Division of Camber (headquartered in Dallas, Texas) specializes in sensor simulation; we pioneered the concept of software-based radar simulation on commercial multiprocessor general purpose computers in 1985.

On the Cutting Edge

Camber stays at the forefront of simulation innovation by continually taking advantage of the rapid advances in computer technology, currently culminating in PC based sensor simulations running under both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Our Work

The Sensor Systems Division currently designs and manufactures RF, IR, and EO sensor simulators, maintenance training simulations, real-time visual applications interfaced to the latest image generators, and the environmental models/databases required to support them. Additionally, we design and manufacture custom PCI and VME video and interface boards.


Past Work  & Capabilities

Fighter and Tactical Radar Simulations:
  • APG-81 – Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) radar system with SAR, ISAR, RBGM, WX, GMTI/GMTT modes
  • APG-77 – F/A-22 radar with SAR, RBGM, WX, GMTI/GMTT modes
  • APQ-181 – B2 radar with RGBM, SAR and Air to Air modes
  • APG-66/68 – F-16 radar with Air to Air and Air to Ground modes along with LANTIRN pod
  • ECR-90 – Eurofighter radar with RBGM, WX, BCN, SAR, DBS, TA, GMTI
  • AWG-9 – F-14 radar with extensive ECCM requirements
  • APG-65 – AV-8B system with High/Medium PRF modes and DBS, SAR, SEA, BCN, Map, AGR, and TA
  • APG-73 – F/A-18 and AV-8B radar upgraded with improved processing
  • APG-70 – F-15 radar with A/A and A/G modes
  • ARG-1+ – Export version of APG-66/68
  • APG-159 –  F-5 fire control radar
  • Blue Fox – Sea Harrier multi-mode radar
  • APS-130 – EA-6B search radar
  • PS05 – Gripen Fighter multimode radar
  • GRIFO –  Fighter Air to Air and Air to Ground radar, similar to APG-66/68
Commercial Weather Radar Simulations (WXRS):
  • Certified F.A.A. Level D and J.A.A.
  • FLW – Forward Looking Windshear Detection systems
  • Bendix – Primus 700/700A, RDR-1300, RDR-1F, RDR-4B
  • Primus 880
  • Rockwell  – TWR-850
  • Honeywell – RDR 2100
  • Collins – WXR-700, FMX-200 with FLW & Skin Paint modes, and the new WXR-2100 as used on the Boeing 787 aircraft
Miscellaneous Radar Simulations:
  • Raytheon ASR-23SS
  • Lockheed AN/APS-75
  • ATC – Air Traffic Control systems
  • LN-66 – Shipborne navigation and search radar as used on the LCAC
Special Ops and TF/TA Radar Simulations:
  • APQ-174 – LANTIRN variant used on the MH-47 and MH-60 helicopters
  • APQ-186 – Upgraded version of the APQ-174 that is used on the CV-22
  • APQ-158 – TF/TA radar on the MH-53
  • APQ-180 – Variant of APG-70 radar with high resolution mapping modes used on the AC-130U gunship
  • APQ-170 – Dual band radar with X and Ku-band subsystems for DRLMS and TF/TA, used on the MC-130s
  • APQ-122 – Dual band radar with J-band and Ku-band subsystems for DRLMS and TF/TA
Maritime Patrol and ASW Radar Simulations:
  • APS-115 – Basic Sea Search radar used on the P-3 aircraft
  • APS-137 – P-3 and S-3 ASW radar with TWS, SAR, ISAR, and Periscope detection
  • APN-241 – APG-66 radar with enhanced navigation and sea search modes
  • JDA MPA – Advanced ISAR/SAR radar for the new Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Airborne Early Warning (AEW) and Surveillance Radar Simulations:
  • ASTOR – High Resolution SAR and GMTI surveillance radar
  • APS-145 – AEW and IFF system used on the E-2C aircraft
Visual Channel, Electro-Optical (EO), FLIR & IR Simulations:
  • Star Safire III – EO Wide, EO Narrow, IR
  • Single and multi-channel visual systems and databases for fighter, helicopter and ASW applications
  • AN/AAS-36 – P-3 Infrared Detecting Set (IRDS)
  • AN/AAQ-18 – MH-535 FLIR with correlated database
  • LANTIRN – F-16 Low Altitude Navigation Targeting Infrared for Night
  • AVX-1 EOS – Three channel EO system (EO Wide, EO Narrow, IR)
  • ASX-4 AIMS – Three channel EO system (EO Wide, EO Narrow, IR)
  • MX-15 Imaging Turret – Three channel EO/IR system used for training turret operators
  • VISTE™ – a commercial off the shelf product used for training police