Control Interfaces

Custom Aircraft Panels

Our usb interface boards provide a perfect match for our custom designed interface panels.  Perfectly replicated interface panels easily attach to our hardware chassis, making an easy to install package that connects via an ethernet connection.

Apache VIP Panel

The Apache VIP Panel was manufactured and supplied to the U.S. Army for the Video Unmanned Aircraft Systems Intelligence Team Level 2 (VUIT-2) program. The VIP keypads are integrated into the Apache helicopters for control of the visual aids and controls being implemented on the aircraft.  The panels make for an easy to use, reliable interface that has endless applications for user interfaces.

T-1A Control Interfaces

Camber’s design of the T-1A CSO airborne trainer retrofitted the aircraft with two student training stations and two instructor stations. The stations feature touchscreens for switch panel simulations, as well as hand control units with over fifteen separate function buttons that interface with the electronic warfare simulation software.