Video Boards

8510 PCI-Bus Programmable Video Board

The 8510 board fully supports RS-170 and EIA-343, and is a PCI 32-Bit standard Universal short card designed to output data representing sync, blanking, and one channel of RGB analog video (NTSC Composite and S-Video).

7010 ARINC-708A Video Interface Board

Designed for WXRS applications, the 7010 ARINC-708A is a PCI 32-Bit 5V standard short card designed to output video signals to be used for the ARINC 708 Bus. It interfaces directly to cockpit weather radar displays, and is also available for the VME bus.

6508 PPI Video Interface Board

A VMEbus-compatible 6u board designed to output video and video trigger signals to be used for the Bendix PPI-1T Weather Radar Indicator.

6610 Video Generation Module

A VMEbus-compatible 9u board designed to output LPRF, HPRF and IFF video and video trigger signals, and also various support signals, used to drive the AWG-9 Radar Detailed Data Display (DDD).

7110 EIA-343-A Multi-Channel Video Board and Adaptor

A PCI 32-Bit 5V standard card designed to output three channels of 6-bit differential digital data as well as pixel clock, sync, blanking, and restart differential digital information, and one channel analog video via the adapter.