Training Capabilities

Camber specializes in building and modifying all types of cutting-edge training systems, as well as providing the support and expertise needed from start to finish.

T1A CSO Airborne Trainer

The T-1A CSO training system was installed into aircraft from the Air Force’s existing T-1A fleet, adding the capability of airborne radar simulation training for two students and two instructors. The instructor stations also give the ability for real-time threat insertion, scenario changes, and student instrument configurations. This combination provides cutting edge real-time simulation of radar, electronic warfare, navigation and weapons systems equipment.
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Reconfigurable Trainers

Our Reconfigurable Trainers use touch panel displays and graphical representations of controls to enable the training across multiple hardware configurations.

Pictured is the P-3C Reconfigurable Electronic Warfare Trainer (REWT), used by the U.S. Navy to train P-3 Sensor Station 3 (SS-3) operators. The REWT includes full fidelity ASW, radar, electro-optical, infrared and ESM simulations coupled to the aircraft Operational Flight Program (OFP).

Camber’s reconfigurable trainers are hosted on COTS equipment and include an open architecture Instructor Operator Station (IOS) that enables the user to update and modify their system as requirements change. The IOS includes a record/replay system enabling a training debriefing system.

Synthetic Radar Trainers (SRT)

The SRT provides embedded radar training aboard actual aircraft or within a ground based trainer. The SRT is based on Camber’s COTS Radar Toolkit® product which enables the user to have matching simulations in air and on the ground which minimizes risk and development time. The SRT interfaces “passiviely” to the aircraft avionics bus to listen and use the aircraft parameters as inputs to the simulation thus enabling air to air engagements as well as air to ground training. The SRT has been certified for use in FAA certified aircraft as well as various military applications.

F-16 radar, visual, and infrared channels correleated together in a trainerF-16 radar, visual, and infrared channels correleated together in a trainer

F-16 Flight Trainer Image Generation (IG) Systems

Camber provides image generation systems for multiple configurations of the current generation of F-16. Each trainer consists of 3 to 8 genlocked out-the-window channels, 3 electro optical / infrared sensor channels, and one radar channel. Sensor channel simulation provides user definable display symbology, real-time sensor effects controls, and image based target tracking.

E-2 Radar and IFF Simulation

Camber produces a line of E-2 Radar and IFF simulators which have been integral to a number of Weapons Systems Trainers (WSTs), Simulated Maintenance Trainers (SMTs), and Engineering Laboratory Simulations. These training and simulation devices are produced for the U.S. Navy and allies worldwide. Camber has also developed a line of specialty video interface boards to meet unique requirements of driving E-2 cockpit-specific display hardware.

PC Simulated Maintenance Trainers

We design and build PC simulations to replace maintenance training devices. Immersive virtual environments and integrated test devices provide the student with valuable troubleshooting experience. The PC Simulation Trainer is coupled with an automated courseware system that provides student performance monitoring. Pictured is a Maintenance Trainer PC simulation in use at the Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC).